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Derek and Tanya talk every other week about what they and their kids are learning, as well as a main topic about parenting, marriage, self-learning, or whatever else comes up in life.

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    20: The Eggs Are a Much Higher Value

    Tanya learns about whiskey barrel cribs, Derek learns about 80s vasectomy videos, and you learn about free-range parenting.

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    19: Is That a Baby or a Potato?

    Podcasting on vacation, our heroes talk about the baby’s gender and name, and rant about colleges!

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    18: If You’re Into Weird People

    Still in the throes of pregnancy and hyperemesis gravidarum, we still manage to talk about a bunch of stuff we’ve learned recently, including natural consequences, Thomas the Tank Engine, and vaccinations!

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    16: Oh Good, Go Dump Your Boyfriend

    We have our wonderful sister Elisa on this week to talk together about how singles and married people can connect and why they should be friends with each other. Plus, Elisa lets us know her secret method for determining baby genders!

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    14: A Doughy Substance

    It’s our Christmas episode! Tanya makes the Roomba French, Derek sticks his quarter in his mouth, and we answer listener questions about Christmas!

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    13: Yet Here We Are, Hippies

    Fun stuff this week! Hair dye, adorable dogs, and what we never thought we’d do as parents, but totally have.

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    12: Not the Cult Show

    We learned about mousetraps and caffeine and making boring stuff playful, and we also got a TON of feedback from all of you about our last show, which we talk about exclusively for our topic this week.

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    11: The One Where Tanya Was in a Cult

    Tales of an asthmatic and her husband, Derek opines on classic VeggieTales, and yes, Tanya shares her experiences with being in a cult.

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    10: We Don't Have It Together

    We talk more about child development stuff and our struggles, Derek rants at the music industry, and a particular children's book puts us on the topic of purity culture!

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    Raineesode 1: Just Turned 3

    Sorry for the late "official" episode, that'll be next week. For now, enjoy the warbley wisdom of our newly three-year old.

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    7: "No, Daddy a Boy!"

    In what we're learning this week, we cover the entire gamut from tragedy in the backyard to hilarity on the Candy Land board, so prepare yourselves for THAT roller coaster. Then in our main topic, we talk a bunch about penises, vaginas and butts, so hide yo kids. Or don't. I mean, we don't. We're talking about how to help our kids protect their bodies.

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    6: Random Facts!

    Hey, it's been a while, kind of! We went on an anniversary trip and discovered new things about our children, got some listener feedback on Christian unschooling resources, and we give you ten random facts about ourselves that may or may not be interesting to you. I mean, that's really on you to figure out for yourself.

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    5: Be In The Moment

    Our zucchini has grown to the size of our house, and we received questions about the poop in our garden, which honestly, we can't blame you for. Derek also talks about his faults this week, and we delve into what's been going on with him the past month.

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    4: I'd Deeply Like To Unsubscribe From This Life Feature

    We went to Missouri for a family wedding, which was lovely, but discovered some things we should have set expectations for beforehand, so we talk about that. Something also happened on the flights back home that kick off a conversation about the struggles we have with post partum anxiety. And there's a little something about the jar at the very end.

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    3: Paper Shoe Madness

    Emerson has taken to riding the Roomba and Derek is learning to wear shoes. We also ask the question about whether yelling and raising your voice is different, and whether it matters!

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    2: We Will Find Your Strange

    Tanya has learned deep things about her emotions, and Derek goes on about movies and heat rash and whatnot. 🤷‍♂️ We talk about how we met and fell in love, as well as things that we've found are great tips to consider in marriage. 🤵❤️👰

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    1: We Can Be Brief

    Oh boy, the sleepless nights have been setting in. Plus we talk about how we discipline!

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    In this episode, we talk all about ourselves, kids, upbringings, and what to expect from the show!

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